Plot Twist

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So, what do you do when you think you have your life planned out and it suddenly takes an unexpected turn? First, you cry and then you laugh. Well, that’s what I did. You see, my husband I were happily married with two kids, one boy (7) and one girl (4) when suddenly, we found out that we were expecting a third child. What’s crazy (or so we thought) is that my husband had a vasectomy over two years ago. Come to find out, it’s important to have it checked like the doctor recommends. Who knew? (insert sarcastic tone here) …

I’ve thought I was pregnant before, just because I am super paranoid. I thought this time would be like those other times. When I asked my husband to buy a pregnancy test, he just thought I was overreacting (like the three other times). This time felt different because I was over a month late, which has never happened. Little did he know that the last time I panicked, I secretly prayed that the test would be positive but then quickly got some sense back and realized that that would be absurd. I mean, our kids are out of diapers, can feed themselves, sleep all night, and can be unsupervised for a few minutes at a time. Our last child was in the NICU for 17 days, was colicky, and was 9 LB 13 OZ at birth. Could we really do that all over again? Well, apparently, we can!

At first, I was scared and upset because we were not expecting this at all. Our kids are pretty much self-sufficient at this point. They’re potty trained and can feed and dress themselves. We are almost out of the nap zone (with our youngest) and on to bigger and better things. But then I realized that a third child would be easier than when we had our second. That may seem strange, but when I had my second, J was only 2 ½ and still in diapers and taking naps. Since both older kids are self-sufficient and can do things independently, they will be able to help us with the baby (getting diapers, providing entertainment, etc.).

Baby #3 Due December!

Before we told anyone else, we were trying to have fun with the idea. The day that we found out, one of Kevin’s co-workers was talking about how much harder two kids are than three. He was having a hard time not laughing or telling his co-worker about the baby. There are several women at my work who are pregnant, and the joke is, “don’t drink the water.” I was sitting in the lunch room with two of the other ladies who are pregnant and one of our male co-workers said, “watch out. It’s contagious.” It was all I could do not to say something.

We decided to wait to tell anyone until I was at least 10 weeks, which happened to be the weekend of Mother’s Day. We thought it would be a fun surprise for our moms that day. I made a onesie that said, “Plot Twist” for my mom and a shirt for H that said, “Big Sister.” We wrapped up the gifts and had them open them on camera. My mom was immediately suspicious because we were videotaping, and she was wondering why the kiddos were getting presents too. When she opened the onesie, she was having a hard time processing what it meant. She was stunned, to say the least. Kevin asked H what her shirt said, and J read it for her, “Big Sister.” J said, “we are having a baby?” and H repeated him. My mom said, “What?!?” as she had just realized what was going on. My dad’s eyes were popping out over his glasses due to shock. It was all quite funny. My mom gave us a big hug.

Next it was time to FaceTime with Kevin’s parents and sister. He told his mom that he wanted to update her on the kids’ clothing sizes due to Toys R Us closing and he knew she would want to take advantage of the sales. He said, “J is in size 7. H is in size 6x and the baby will be in Newborn.” His mom stared at the screen for at least 10 seconds with her mouth wide open. His sister did not believe him as he often plays jokes. However, this is not a matter we would ever joke about since many of our friends have had to deal with infertility and miscarriages. She wanted to see the ultrasound. At first, she thought it was my sister’s and my sister promptly went on camera and shook her head no. His sister wanted to see a closeup, so she could see the name and date on the ultrasound. We sent it to her and she finally believed us. It was very hard for everyone to process since we were adamant about having two kids and because Kevin had a vasectomy.

The following week I told my co-workers by making cinnamon rolls. I boxed them up individually and included a note that read, “Surprise! There’s a bun in the oven. Baby due December 10.” My co-workers were excited and surprised as well. It was a fun way to tell everyone and they got to enjoy a treat too.

Whether you’re expecting it or not, telling everyone about a new baby is an exciting time. How did you announce your pregnancy to friends and family?

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